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[Intro: N.O.R.E.]
Yeah, sometimes
Something so simple in the world like a slice of pizza and a juice (New York City)
Mean everything
Y'nahmean? Word...

[Verse 1: N.O.R.E]
I built the town on my own, my whole hood, they owe me
I was a shooter, took more shots than Kobe
I used to f*ck a chick that's promiscuous
She was a loser, boned n*ggas for some liquorice
Low self-esteem, Pyrex, pot beam
Eighth on a triple beam, digital
Used to re-up, and get j*rked, that was typical
Blamed it on the bad timing, and started getting consignment
[?] environment, hand to hand with [?]
Kew Gardens with the mobsters in Tony Roma's
We left the courthouse, they had nothing on us
Still I had the stash in my sock bottom
Sold it to dope fiends, nodded out, rock bottom
Got into transport and sent things to Greyhound
With a old get high lady, she stayed down
She 80+ hanging around the playground

[Hook: N.O.R.E.]
Just my juice and slice of pizza
Shorty how it be when I'ma greet ya
You're so beautiful, beautiful creature
Just like my, juice and pizza, yeah
Just a slice and a quart of juice
I like to keep my guns waterproof
You know you do what you oughta do
Like me, pull a quarterback audible

[Verse 2: Capone]
Ayo, Capone, you know I'm rare like a artifact
Send a bullet through the logo in your Starter cap
True facts, loose cracks produce stacks
Cheese taught me to squeeze first, and shoot back
That was '89 on a dime block
East coast streets'll f*ck up a n*gga mind ahk
While they was into girls with the Reeboks
I was into fast cars, Pontiac T-tops
Fly n*gga, I was the black Fonz
Chick magnet, pull a b*tch out the salon
Kept me a mean, bad one
Hop in the whip with her weave half done
But that's just the aura when you f*cking with a b*tch who pus*y
Deeper than the Torah and she thinking you can spoil her
Nothing foul, that's just the way of life
I keep it 100, Kid Cudi, all Day 'n' Nite


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