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"Ridin' High"

That n*gga Daz and Dub C in this motherf*cker(what's happening n*gga)
Doing what we got to do, every day all day
And if you didn't know! Now you know!
So get it right! Beeeoootch!!!(echoes)

And it goes like that
Gangsta sh*t, nuttin but gangsta sh*t
Gangsta sh*t, nuttin but gangsta sh*t
WC, Daz, n*gga Daz
Gangsta sh*t, nuttin but gangsta sh*t

Just ridin high!(Just ridin high)
Just ridin by!(Just ridin by)
Come on!
Don't trip, don't trip

It's like chill, why do we have to fool and get ill
On what we call the dollar dollar bill
You can get killed for that paint job and wheels
Oh my oh my I love the dollar dollar bill
Oh juicy, be like Bishop when he shot steel
Put the blame up on you and be out with the loot
Slang coke or weed, pills
You got pinky when the cup of blood got spilled
sh*t outta luck, there ain't no refills
I'm more deadlier then ever
What I got'll see through your armor shield
Show you breakdown with your bills
Recognize the real side that'll ride and kill
Just for sure


Chronic's in the bag, rollin all day
Blue ??????six with ?double? called ?say?
Age sixteen, I'm tired of hearing mom's mouth
"Motherf*cker get a job or get ya punk ass out!"
A little wild seed, influenced by the g's
Strong bombing, pistol whipping and twisting n*ggas for cheese
It's the normal method, barrel start by the jail
Wreck a long one ????? the real stretch marks
A juvenile packing millimeters
And when I'm close to doing a third
n*gga I got more stripes then a zebra
Will I live and make it out of the ghetto
But will I die?
Only GOd knows n*gga but for now I just know I'm just


You got the upper hand
Take control and take command
Get your blast over with and cut the bullsh*t
I the need the chips in a hurry
By the end of the day I'm having em' don't worry
Sorta like a dream or a storybook
A born crook
Shook all the bustas that snitch
Now I'ma black book
It took a while
Being so broke it's hard to smile
Hard living, trying to be grown when I'm a child
Overshadowed by negativity
Running and stealing, running from security
Something like a mystery
Drugs,b*tches to county jails, penitentiaries
My background history
Cause the game is so trickory

Now what's the remedy
Should we strive, the streets is killing me
Or should we lay down in a cell sh*t's forgiving me
Criminal activity
Crack sales are killing me
(A bunch or syllables said really fast)
Just chill
I'm tired of living the life of crime
Just chill
The life of the deaf, dumb, and blind
Just chill
Why do we have to fool and get ill
Don't trip
It's all about the dollar dollar bill


(Daz talking)
You motherf*ckers wanted to know what the gang was all about
And now you know, you ain't got to look no further
WC and that n*gga Daz
Bringing it to you, hardcore, raw, smooth, gangsta sh*t
98-97 99-2G

What, what, what hey(x3)

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