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"The Outcome"

[Intro: DJ Crazy Toones]
Play that beat n*gga, play the beat n*gga
Play that beat n*gga
This year, is shady as weird, for the n*ggas here
Through that nearest ear, for the near year

[W.C. & DJ Crazy Toones]
What's cracking n*gga?
Get up the deal n*gga
What's cracking n*gga?
I just peed on that year, n*gga
What's cracking n*gga?
I just peed on that year, n*gga
Another album
We'll see you, n*gga
Another album, n*gga
We'll see you, n*gga
The last one, n*gga ever
Ayy, The Shadiest One
The last one, n*gga
The Shadiest One
This is the last one, n*gga
The shadiest year
We don't steal, n*gga
The shadiest year, n*gga
What's cracking
I wanna say what's happening to all my n*ggas out there who was down from day one
All the haters out there (f*ck y'all)
All the haters out there (what's up?)
I wanna thank all the haters out there (what's up n*gga?)
For nothing n*gga, for nothing n*gga, nothing n*gga
Nothing, y'all do sh*t
Not a motherf*cking thing for me, but it's aight though n*gga
I wanna say what's cracking to the whole Westside Connect Gang (what's up n*gga?)
Connect Gang OGs (WSCG) Oh yeah, checking the cheese
They don't steal, that's right n*gga
All my good red b*tches out there, 5-10, 5-10 2-20 was close on their thighs
Rolling on buckets like f*ck it, you know
That's right, they buy records too
That's right, all the pretty b*tches out there
Too pretty in motherf*cking suck di*k, eat a di*k b*tch
For all the sucking nuts, all in them guts, it's going down
Dub-C n*gga, UHH, Dub-C n*gga, Dub-C n*gga, Yeah
All you n*ggas out there that's like f*ck that n*gga right now
That's right, f*ck you too n*gga, yeah
All my worldwide n*ggas, all my real n*ggas worldwide, worldwide n*ggas
I don't give a f*ck what you from, n*gga
I don't give a f*ck where you from, n*gga
All my real n*ggas worldwide
All I ever wanted to do is make music for my street n*ggas
For my street n*ggas, f*ck the b*tch n*ggas
Strictly my worldwide n*ggas
This is for y'all, Dub-C, yours truly n*gga
The Shadiest One

[Outro: DJ Crazy Toones]
This beat bumping, that sh*t is bumping, loc
Chickie chickie ladies and gentlemen, let it ride

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