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"In a Twist"

You n*ggas can't fade this nutty-ass cutthroat Maad Circle villain
Leanin, scheamin in the Gremlin
Sippin on Mak Duk, on my way to Compton
To pick this n*gga Coolio up
Two ski masks, on my left a nine
n*gga on my breath, money on my mind (yeah)
You god damn right motherf*cker it's on again
Coolio what's the plan?

It's a motherf*ckin come up, n*gga load ya gun up
It's gonna be a stick-up, came up on the liquor
You know that b*tch that I used to f*ck -- named Theresa
(Yeah n*gga, with the big ass butt)
Well her brother was a client of mine
Drive some turnaround trips back and forth to Vegas part time (yeah)
Well anyway I got a caper (uh)
And if we pull it off right we can come up on a stack of paper
Here go the plan: me, you, and him
Cause the n*gga drivin the bus is down with us
Call Crazy Toones and tell him to give you a ride
And drop you off on Manchester and Broadway, at half past five
Since old people don't trust young n*ggas none
You gotta be disguised like a senior citizen
Don't worry about escape cause it's OK
I'll be chillin close behind all the motherf*ckin way loc
And I don't wanna see you act up
But if anybody trip you better handle that sh*t

Nah man f*ck this, this sh*t sound shady as f*ck
You gon' f*ck around and have us all stuck motherf*cker

Quit actin like a ho, and go get yo' fo'-fo' n*gga
And let's make some dough, check this:
Nuttin plus nuttin equal none
Fool grab the motherf*ckin money and run

[WC] Right come on

Chorus: WC

Diamond in the back, sun roof cracked
Tank on E, n*ggas low on cash, oohh-woo
(some R&B sample) "Straight jackin"


So now it's goin accordin to plan
I'm on the back of the bus dressed like a senior citizen
Sittin on a bus full of old motherf*ckers
Wavin they bibles singin, "I love Jesus!"
And now my concious is f*ckin with me
Cause I'm about to rob the entire gospel choir
And I ain't askin no questions
Whoever don't reply, I'm sendin em hollow point blessings
Cause I was told at seven on the dot
No matter the spot, to execute the plot
And my watch read 6:59
So aww shucky ducky, quack quack it's yo' time
Hands in the motherf*ckin air! *pop pop pop*
This is a jack n*gga, and I'm startin from the back
Necklaces, anklets to bracelets
To the Rolexes, I'm takin all they sh*t, huh
I had em shakin, steady fadin, money breakin
Fillin my bag up with bacon
Lookin out the window at Coolio
Yellin out a car on the side of the bus, "n*gga c'mon!"
Yo, we gon' handle this loc
I told him like Janet Jackson, I had it under control
But really I was bein greedy takin too long
So peep the next verse but first the chorus of song goes


Standin in the middle of the aisle
A rag full of papes and jewelry, bout to make my escape
Coolio wavin, "C'mon n*gga hurry up
Before one-time swoop, and you get us all stuck!"
Aight so now I'm on my way to the front
Bus driver, pull to the side or I might have to dump
He was down with us on our shady operation
So he pulled the bus over with no hesitation
But that's when the drama kicked in
"Motherf*cker take that!" *blam* Damn I got shot in the back
Looked up and who did I see?
This b*tch-made ass bus driver puttin slugs in Dub C
Twistin afflicted, burnin like syphillis
Lookin at death and I'm coughin up flesh
Ran to the car, "Coolio I've been hit" "Huh?"
"I told you the sh*t sound like a motherf*ckin twist!"

Wait, what's wrong, what the f*ck GOIN ON?!
This n*gga must be trippin, we gon' have to kill him

[WC] Cool here come n*gga grab your gun
[Coolio] Alright, I'm gonna have me some fun

Forty-four in the right hand, nine in the left
So I put twelve rounds in his motherf*ckin chest
I don't know if it's yo' birthday, but b*tch here's yo' gift
That's what you get for the twist, yea

Chorus 2X

[WC] Maad Circle n*gga

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