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"Put On Tha Set"

I got put on the set, smokin Jimmy Jacks in a shack
With my n*gga Coolio, got me to' the f*ck back
High as a UFO, standin' in my drawers
In the hall, talkin' to the walls
Now a n*gga's spooked, umm
Heavens to merkatroids, I'm looped!
I'm tripping! n*gga what do I see?
It's me, that n*gga Dub C on the TV
Now I know I'm buzzed
Cause I'm on the TV but the TV's unplugged
Damn, this sh*t is like the Twilight Zone
Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na; I'm blowed!
Cause now I'm havin illusions, illusions
Of me on channel eleven on a black and white tube and
Mack and the Gene are on the Martin show
Hangin with Sheneneh sippin on a four-oh
Now I know I'm trippin "Oh my goodness!"
Let me change the TV and
Dizamn! Once again there I go
But this time it's channel thirteen on Arsenio
I'm smokin a wet one on the couch
Givin up a fat middle finger to the crowd
I'm faded, but not in a way in which you ever seen
Peep the side effects, yeah, I'm on the set

as*h*le naked standin in front of the set; I'm wet
Ain't no escapin when yo' ass is wet; I'm wet

Look, look, way up in the sky
Everybody just look, look, and you'll find me flyin high
So there I was, standin in front of the set mesmerized
Kickin off the scenery right before me eyes
High as a motherf*cker what was I to do?
Cause now the yerm has got me thinkin I'm on channel two
Peep it -- bip-bip-bip like the bi-on-ic man I'm out of control
And now I see myself on Highway Patrol
Runnin from the Feds tryin to make my get away
But there's nowhere to run, ba-bay
And now exhausted from this drama I needed a rest
So I went on channel four so I can catch my breath
Now who's this after five minutes of bein there
I met this motherf*cker named the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Yeah this n*gga was funny I must admit it
But his Uncle and his cousin Carlton was straight b*tches
Them n*ggas was c*ck blockin, talkin bout killin me
Cause I told em I wanted to f*ck the sh*t out of Hillary, ooh
Now what's a real or just a fantasy, all I know
Is she was lookin good sportin them t-shirt and panties, huh
I can't believe this sh*t, n*gga I'm wet
f*ck tricks, my mind is playin with dipsticks, I'm on the set


Still blowed from the chemicals I'm askin was it worth it
Cause like Slick Rick now Dub C is scared and I'm nervous
Cause now the TV's changin by itself, uh-oh danger
Cause now I see myself on channel nine on the Gladiators
I'm swingin on a rope with a gauge
Boom, bang bang, you n*ggas can't hang
f*ck a obstacle fool, I had them buff b*tches runnin
Mass confusion now I hear one-time comin
So I swung to the exit, jumped off and jetted
Thank God mama kept the baby gat ready
I left all them b*tches behind
Til I got to channel fifty-two and there I found myself on Good Times
Here was me and this n*gga named J.J
Out on a double date, just sippin on Kool-Aid
Now umm, ain't no need for me to pretenda
Like my date was all that like J.J.'s boo-boo Belinda
Yo, but she had a ass like Thelma, titties like Walona
Drunk off the Mad Dog I f*cked around and boned her
Like J.J. the pus*y was dy-no-mite though
I must admit the ho had a mug as ugly as Flo'
I'm on tha set

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