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"Quick Way Out"

Down on my motherf*ckin luck
Hangin at the park, shootin dice, and I just got.. bucked
And now I'm mad cause I'm broke as hell
Cause a n*gga's unemployed plus I just got out of jail
So now I gotta come up on a lick
But the lick that I hit can't be no bullllllsh*t
So now I gotta call up my n*gga
My n*gga Ty, yeah, my homey from Wakeside
Yo n*gga whassup? I need a lick
He told me to trip, he knew this fool up on 75th
Who had a safe and a whole lot of yea
Two six-fours and a ragtop sittin on them thangs
He said this motherf*cker was worth ten mill'
I said, "Cool then it's a done deal"
Went to the pad and grabbed the black ski-mask
Put it on tight so nobody could see my ass
So now I got the mac with the teller
Just in case these motherf*ckers wanna play Goodfellas
Called up the crew; aiy Coolio
This motherf*cker said he knew this n*gga with some loot
[C:] So what's it gonna be, jack kidnap or rape?
Nawww motherf*cker just murder and a take
[C:] Cool, then set it up
Aight n*gga here I come
Hung up the phone went to my room and I grabbed another gun
Slapped on my khakis, I'm gone
Went outside and jumped in the bucket, motherf*cker it's on yeah
Three-wheel motion, throwin up the M
n*gga Dana Dane's what I call my rims
Scooped up Cool', now we in pursuit
Two n*ggas with a plan to get some loot
Hit the one-ten on my way to my homeboy's house
Lookin for a quick way out, n*gga


So now we at my n*gga Ty house
Cookin up a plan on the best way to take this n*gga out
Just got out of Quentin for a caper
And I don't wanna go back so motherf*cker put it on paper
[C:] And no sooner than we got the info
I shot the n*gga in the head with the fo'-fo'
I grabbed my mac when the motherf*cker hit the flo'
God damn Coolio, what you shoot him fo'?
[C:] Look, I know you and you know me
But I don't know him and that's the way it's gonna be
Who's that n*gga?
That was my homeboy n*gga!
[C:] Yo f*ck that n*gga! WE CAN GET BIGGER!
So now we on our way to get paid
Rollin in a f*cked up van with taped up license plates
Took the back way through the alley
And now we're sweatin cause we just took a hit from the wet daddy
[C:] Got out the van, hit the back gate
Everything's goin according to plan
I had the front and Dub had the back
I had the fo'-fo' and he had the mac
Now we runnin through the house like motherf*ckin SWAT
And if anything move it's gonna get popped
Awwwww, there go the n*gga that we lookin for
[C:] Now he's bound and gagged with duct tape
Dub, I got the motherf*ckin safe
[C:] Jumped in the van and now we rollin
And I'm trippin off this fat-ass grip that I'm holdin
And the n*gga, huh, don't worry about him
Took the combination and the yea and I shot him
We got the loot and now we in route
To get a motherf*ckin drink and knock some boots
Big money big trout ain't no doubt
I'm lookin for a quick way out, motherf*cker!

{*tires peel, instrumental interlude*}

So now we on our way to the spot
A bucket full of ducats to drop before the streets get hot
But little did we know that the n*gga we smoked
Had some homies in the cut, sittin in the six-fo'
So now we gettin chased by some n*ggas in the cut
But I bet this mac'll make they ass stay back
Hit up the gat, damn my sh*t is jammed
Good thing a n*gga had a backup plan
But it's too late to grab the extra gat
Burnin rubber in the bucket and we cracked
[C:] So we jumped out the van and no matter what the cost
We had our mind set on sendin n*ggas to Harris and Ross
But this time a n*gga wasn't color blind
f*cked around and got smoked at the end of the crime

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