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"Keep Hustlin'"

[WC] Dub Cya, neeeah!
[E-40] Uhhhh, hah!
[WC] Fonzarelli, what's crackin loc?
[E-40] Whassupish weebelations?
[WC] $hort Dog, we all hogs
[TS] Ain't nuttin n*gga, it's that pimp sh*t bwoy
[E-40] We doing our thingamajig up in this BEYOTCH!

Verse One: WC

Thinkin of a master plan
Cause ain't naytin but crumbs inside my hand
So I, hit the stick, leaves my residence
Thinkin, "How can I get paid for spinning this gangsta sh*t?"
A three-strike victim, with a million dollar dream
Of swerving 740 Beem's and count G's from money machines
My click trump tight, n*gga we roll like dice
For the ten china whites seekin hustler paradise
Where you from, what's your name, motherf*cker what you sayin?
Dub C still claimin that Maad Circle gang and
Smokin dank and drankin, jaw breakin runnin the pavement
Top rankin CD slanger, ghetto Hall of Famer
International resider world-wider packing heat
Mashin for the cheddar with No Limits like Master P
Found my glitch in this rap game, now I'm steady bustin
Dub C, hoo-ridin for the chip but still hustlin

Chorus: *unknown singers*

Keep hustlin' -- cause I'm all about mine, yeah yeah
Keep on hustlin'... droppin keys funk stackin weed shiftin
Keep hustlin' -- true players play it all night long
Keep on hustlin'... on and on

Verse Two: E-40

Check it out; Dub C ?the below? system
Got ya ninjas dang near ready to put hands on ?PGA any man?
Bout to bomb on this b*tch-ass for turnin off my lights and gas, low on cash
Bad enough I gotta go next door to take a bath, ain't got no water
Plus I heard that the police department homicide division
Wanna holla at me about a manslaughter
Triflin ass baby mama, she's a botch b*tch think I'm rich
Don't know the outcome, talkin bout "He got bread, he on Dub album"
I play ya like di*k and bend a di*k's dream how can I focus (hocus pocus)
When I'm famous as "f*ck Christmas Eve, eviction notice"
These rap videos gotta soon to be up and coming rappers thinkin cute
Knowin that we unrecouped
E-Fonzarelli, P.K.A. Charlie Hustle
Knockin though, knock a ho without a penny in my pocket
I don't come from much, so in order to do what I gotta do to survive
Tapes and CD's be my nine to five
Check it out, mathematics, paper rappamatics established
Long money, way before I signed for cabbage


[E-40] Get your marbles main, get your paper ... glorify your paper route

Verse Three: Too $hort

I'm coming from a fashion show, with a flashy ho
Smoking indo from the Valley-jo
Like them 3rd Ward n*ggas from the Calliope
If you tryin to get high, what you passing fo'?
Top notch on my right smelling smoke
But she don't know about the hustlin' that I did when I was broke
My best customers, real macks and G's
Dope-fiend beats on the backstreets
Me and Freddie B selling game
Custom made tapes with your name, you can't complain
I always been about the business, I ain't changed
As long as I'm in it, I'm staying the same
Ghetto star, feeling the pavement
I'm always down to earth, trying to get paid b*tch
Ain't no secret, to what I'm doin'
I got the game from Oakland so I came to this conclusion


$hort Dawg, you know we players main
Get your money n*gga

[E-40] E-40 get yo' paper main, get yo' change
[TS] You know $hort Dawg always get his scratch
[E-40] Dub C!
[TS] Neeeah! Neeeah!
[WC] You know I'm takin mine nya!
[E-40] Fssssssh, ahh, uhhhh, erytime up in they tall can face
Glorifyin our paper route, nonstop -- you know?

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