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"The Autobiography"

[CT] It's about that time n*gga
[WC] For what?
[CT] Redo this motherf*cker look I found it n*gga
[WC] Ahh hell naw n*gga!
[CT] Sheyitt

Now here we go, y'all gotta play this
Due to you b*tch-ass n*ggas I'mma maze this
Rearranged funk and refreak the track
The Godfather of Underground Rap is back
Banged out the game as I ride with the Benji's
f*ck off the hook, n*gga I'm off the f*ckin hinges
No gimmicks, just a crew of driveby shooters
Coupe de Ville swoopers, looters and Stax loopers
I started off way back sick with a mentality
Wicked got down kickin it with the Syndicate
Just a lil' n*gga seein ways to get paid
Levi cordueroy saggin with french braids
No overnight success, no tinted windows
No limos, just a hungry n*gga doin demos
The year eighty-eight, the group was Low Pro
When n*ggas used to swerve on Lincoln's and Vogues
Loc these n*ggas ain't knowin about payin no dues, the sh*t I done been through
Gone through, put through, was bruised too so it's time to school these foes
Looka there, as I walk the rugged road of the path
I gets flashbacks, and thrash mash, enemies in my path
Hustler turn your page to nineteen eighty-nine
When a young n*gga first signed the dotted line, I was
Bang bang, boogie with the music
Took the old funk track, and relooped it
Dropped "Payin Dues" for a small amount of cheddar
The name of the LP was "We In This Together"

*beeper sounds repeatedly*

[CT] Awww sh*t, what the f*ck why you sto
[WC] Man this motherf*ckin pager keep goin off
Look I'm tired of these b*tches!
[CT] Youse a cold n*gga!

*DJ scratches* "Noooo sh*t!"

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