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"Don't Get Outta Pocket"

[Ice Cube-Repeat 2x]
We live in la la, We smokin la la
f*ck wit the da, Boo boo ba ba
n*gga, Ha ha!

Get outta pocket, We might just whup yo ass
Pull out a rocket, We might just take yo cash
And when I c*ck it, We might step out and blast
But we ain't gon let that bullsh*t pass

[Ice Cube]
I used to be a young phenom, Like lebron
Now I'm doin sh*t beyond, Geghis Kahn
Peon, You can't pass on deon
The best rapper in the world ain't a european

[Mack 10]
Look, Respect my gangsta, n*gga obey
And I been rich since my first pro day, Ask O'Shea
West ridin is my fotay
And will the hustle ever stop? n*gga, No way

n*ggas can't f*ck wit dub s c
Gang related and leavin 'em leakin like stds
C-Walkin out of the sc, Lettin the tech breathe
Till I rest in peace, Dub gon rep these streets

[K Mac]
K Mac is the one, n*gga f*ck neo
No love, Hit 'em up with the dub wherever we go
My game so cold, The hoes call me sub zero
Oh, You know that n*gga pimpin ken? That's my hero

[Hook] - 2X

[Ice Cube]
It's catastrophic when I stop it
Atomic, Demonic, And off that chronic
It's Ironic, How I flip them phonics
So f*cked up, The product of reaganomics

[Mack 10]
sh*t, I heard the price of yo done went up
My gun buddy had a drop, So the pistola went up
The heater hot, n*gga burn ya skin up
The fo fifth hold a dime, And I shoot all ten up

I'm about guns, f*ck roses, I breeze over parole
Some man captured some folks, The locstas never fold
Bacon soda aromas, n*ggas swingin chrome motors
di*key bombin folks and shootin out of stolen automotives

[K Mac]
I got diamonds on my fingers and watch on arms
Stay out a n*gga way and you won't be harmed
If I catch a b*tch, I'll see for sure she'll be charmed
When I'm rollin through the hood, A n*gga heavily armed

[Hook] - 2X

[Ice Cube]
sh*t, My life is like a rap show
I'm out the back door, Beyatch, So beware of the strap, Bro
Cause that's how my blast go
Ice cube is an as*h*le just like castro

[Mack 10]
n*gga, I spit Flames, Leave permanent scars
Connect gang bang and we g's about ours
And ain't sh*t changed, Still stripes and stars
And I'm done already, Ain't got but 4 bars

Holdin it down down down stoned down bustin rounds
Dub, Ghetto rich n*gga since bow down
Squad down, Sendin flicks to my n*ggas locked down
Doin dolas in streets wit my ragtop down

[K Mac]
Yo, Write a book bout a n*gga like me
I got loot like an athlete just signed wit nike
You lose ya life if ya ever get sheisty
Could mac ever run out of snaps? Not likely

[Hook] - 2X

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