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Hip Hop Pantsula

"Thula Mama"

Opening Verse : Priddy Ugly]
She's tired
Her back's hurting
Under payed and over worked
Because she's black she's not a person, they said
Because she's black she's not deserving
Because she's black she's not an aid she's a burden
Because she's black she's just a servant
She was raped when she was young, still a virgin
Now she lost faith, she scared the death's certain
She's alive but inside she's a dead person
I see the sun rise, she gotta open the whole curtain
In the valley of the shadow of death she's soul searching
Searching the whole earth, and her body scars needs a soul surgeon
Rap race wrapped up in a circuit
Highest swim in the ocean when its waves are on the surface
You grab a board and mama you start surfing
Walk on water 'til it flush you with the churches
Her knees hurt but she needs to keep working
Her daughter needs her to feed her
Her husband won't believe her
He's a drunk, addict, cheater
All he does is beat her then leave her
Her son had a fever
Her husband blames her cos she was working when he died from the seizure
No religion, mama's not a believer
The man that gave her Aids and raped her was a preacher

So i pray for her
Lord i pray that you saving her
I pray that you taking all that pain from her
I pray that you save a little faith in her
No women should bare no violence, No women should hear no sirens
No women should fear in silence, from the ground to her head she a diamond

[Chorus : Reba Red]
Thula mama,mama,mama (x2)

[Verse 2: HHP]
Yo! (yo)
I'm lying her frustrated
Maphetse apuo has been castrated
I'm asking her sh*t what? should i have waited? (should i have waited)
Should i had never said sh*t to her? (maybe)
Maybe i wasn't that much to her but i knew her
I was there the day no mmetla
I was there the day no mokenya thlogo le mahetla (i was there jo)
I told her gore mama jo ke etla (ke etla)
I told her life is hard , mama sa eketla hle (sa eketla hle)
I told her gore life e bothloko (e bohloko)
I told her some batlo bona spoko (spoko)
I even told her never f*ck with love ke le fuku
Put all your energies in a book (book)
I tried to scold her
I took away the love of her, replaced him with a criminal type (type)
I raised him like Abraham knife (knife)
I praised him and gave him a wife
I blazed at an open decipher up now
Besides the the cup that the drank from
She got caught up in a cross fire between her man and God (God)
Everything that they ever owned or bought had to be assemble in the presence of a judge in court
They never married in church(church)
What starts in a court ends in a lurch (that's when )
That's when she started her search
That's when she picked up the urge to keep on fighting
For the sake ya bana, for the sake ya bana ba bana
For the sake ya hare kopana
Took a break from always being the victim, mama ha sa khubama
She prep' herself for the day she meets [?]
'Til then o thloka sebete
Right now ke ho tshayela nnete (nnete)
The day o fithlang ko le hodimong batlo ho yeletsa mokete

Thula mama, mama,mama [x4]

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