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"Go Get It"

[Intro: E-40]
Jae E, spit it, man!

[Verse 1: JAE E]
I make her say “oh my God!”
Bad chick in a two seater
I let her blow me like we do reefer
I tell her hop on like I do features
Uh, and red bottoms I do sneakers
Now watch her throw it back like Romo
I wanna f*ck Rihanna, but that’s only for the promo
Oh no, oh no, I make her scream yolo
She’s smiling in the picture but I charged her for the photo
You charged her for the photo?
Yeah, I charged her for the photo
And these Spanish girls love me like como estas
Henny, Ciroc, bend it and pop
n*ggas acting hard till they semi gets c*cked, uh!
Foreign model, she’s riding like a Chevy, silverado
Empty bottles, Fendi Goggles, wake up with a chick like Demi Lovato
(For Real) I swear we’re about to go and get it
And the money rolling with me so I’m rolling with it
Keep the Gucci on the waist and New Orleans on the fitted
Flag on the play, call it clipping cause they’re tripping, Hold up

One time if you’re getting money
Two times if you’re laughing at them haters for me
Uh, and three times for them bad b*tches
Four times if you ain’t even with that n*gga!
I’m about to go and get it
I’m about to go and get it
I’m about to go and get it
I’m about to go and get it
And I’m about to go and get it
I get it cause I’m winning
I’m winning because I get it
I’m living because I’m living
See it because I see it
n*ggas better believe it
Believe it because I breath it!

[Verse 2: E40]
Uh! I can’t hold back!
I know where that is and where it's at
Where is at?
I’m trying to save my money and stack
But what? But I keep on having minor setbacks!
Never get too comfortable, never get too relaxed
Never tell your partner where you keep your stash at!
Uh, that’s rule number ten
Never know who plot, who had a hidden agenda

[Thaddeous Shade]
White tee, fresh j's
Hat sitting low, getting head, crochet!
Let’s get it!
Big money pimping, yeah I’m on that!
She got a free type ass, so I’m on that!
Silly me to think these haters will vote for me
But I wouldn’t let you haters hang my coat for me
Feeling good, feeling fly, let them all know
Rushing n*ggas like my last name Drago
I like the way she do it, I like the way she move it
Man, she really on it, n*gga need to sattle
Cause I’m about to jump upon it
Money in the building and we’re taller
Cause we’re standing on it


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