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"Actin' Bad"

Touchdown from all angles...and what have you

Make like a tampon and soak up this game
While I teach you about my dictionary book of slang
I used to f*ck with the triple, the coconut popsicles
Been tellin' time on the grind, but never got caught in the pickle
My doctor say I drank too much, cirrhosis
But I'm p*ssy drunk until my liver bust, guess I'm hopeless
Hope I don't miss my target (Hope I don't)
And tinkle all over the toilet

Money plus game, four keys and a Glock
A fat ass sack and I ran the block
If it wasn't my brand it wasn't on my corner
The only n*gga plugged with the border brothers
Got that white b*tch, tight sh*t, right fo' sho'
Hook me with a pot and some boil and watch me feed the snow
n*ggas know that when I'm tore that I be gone
And don't know what the f*ck page I be on

Back in '86 was a motherf*ckin' trip to me
A young hustler actin' bad on the city streets
And never givin' a f*ck about nathin'
Who's that man that got jacked?
I put that fool on the pavement
Doing whatever it takes to get my grits
Stackin' large mail, tryin' to get my pockets thick
And f*ckin' every b*tch that I could
Fly vultures with those n*ggas actin' bad in my hood

n*ggas actin' bad (Ooh)
n*ggas actin' bad (Actin' bad)
n*ggas actin' bad (Real bad)
n*ggas actin' bad (n*ggas actin' bad)
n*ggas actin' bad (Real bad)
n*ggas actin' bad (Ooh, ooh)

I grew up listenin' to Too Short and Freddie B
It's some n*ggas out in Richmond, Magic Mike and Calvin T
Kind off UTFO, KRS
Blowfly and Rudy Ray Moore, girls and sex
I pulls up in my truck, be lookin' cleaner then Kaiser
Burnin' more rubber than a pus*y on fire
Now there you go, 40 flashin' like warden
Man, f*ck a hoe, mayne, that b*tch ain't important

I once heard a n*gga say pimpin' was dead
But me and that n*gga smoke dank to the head
We was choppin' up game just between us playas
The n*gga tellin' me that he runnin' for mayor
With a campaign strong, got his money on
Flipped a brand new Jag when he wrapped his Brougham
It's going on, and motherf*ckers do this
Catch me out there bad, actin' foolish

[Chorus with variations]

Look, actin' bad unorthodox behavement
Celebratin' breakin' bottles on the pavement
Put some Barbarians on ya squad that don't be joshin'
Flip a 1970 Cut and spoil it rotten
Every year we roll thick to the Gavin Convention
Handin' out cassettes, all we want is distributin'
Forced to sell tapes out the trunk of our vehicles
Thirty-day consignment sh-uh-sheets at Leopolds

Shows out of state on some concert dates
Plus ice skating on some chrome 1-8's
Motel flash 'cause the 'caine was hittin'
Seventeen G's 'cause the game was spittin'
Hangin' in the halls in my draws and sh*t
Groupie ass b*tch on my balls and di*k
They make me sick with they broke ass
Now who y'all know that need that dope fast?

Now who's got my back?
Now that I'm f*ckin' with keys, e'yday I gots to have my strap
Too many fools wants to take my place
But I'm a sharp ass n*gga and I'ma damn sho' stack my bank
I flips and flops, buster ass n*ggas drop
Pop the Glock, drop my top, it don't stop
Penelope po-pos, they always try to question me
'Cause out there bad is where a young n*gga be

[Chorus with variations to fade]

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