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"Bust Moves"

Ben and count us ( 0:3) city to city state to state country to country man a closed mouth
Dont get fed and a lazy hustler don't get bread a lazy hustler don't get bread
I bust moves man don’t nothin come to a sleeper but what ?
But a motherf*cking dream but a motherf*cking dream b*tch!

[Verse 1]
They say my lick don't match my message but my message match my struggle used to push rocks same color
O stucco like a belt i had a buckle locked like a safe sowed up like a sewing machine me and my teammates
We’re from a sixteenth day out to what to a whole thing of blow (0:33) trying to get to the point where
I ain't gotta touch it no more my wish was gasscamany (0:38 ) knew I wanted to rap Lord if you get me out the game
I’d never go back didn't wanna end up in the morgue or behind them bars so
I sold my triple beam and hit the studio hard. my rhymes was coming easy when I spit it, main reason why ?
Cuz I really lived it. never ending battles squares think that I'm whack even though
I'm twenty years from where platinum and gold plaque
Keep listening to your bubblegum raps you punk briatch
I'm gonna kick back and count stacks and get rich. I'm busting moves (b*tch!)

I bust moves, I bust moves uh I bust moves (sick with it motherf*cker)
Look (keep it nice and looped ) man I stay bustin moves

[Verse 2]
I go hard for my bread like toast n*gga see through you fake f*cks like a ghost n*gga
They say this liqueur is the juice zero Im faded so im saying how I feel
I'm bout to make a few mill every b*tch on my heel the flow sound shallow but you know that its the real man
I bust moves cleaner than chlorine got every b*tch wetter than a pool you already know droop be too cool you already go
I'm bout to be living higher than the sky penthouse higher than rhianna hair line I bust moves


[Verse 3]
Look man I stay. we bustin moves dynamic dolby digital sound you can hear us out your speaker box for miles and miles
State to state ready to increase my plate show them n*ggas that be quitting that it ain't too late
Watch me choose my fate you see i'm in it to win it like my father he said get up get out and go get it
Its the way that i live bust with a jab and a weave stay ahead of them suckas stay down the tricks up my sleeve
I'm on the monemo deck to ever sharpen my secks (2:39) the biggest realest chillest illest
I don't know about that but if its about getting my issues
sh*t then show me the way bust a move make it happen put me in motion in plate
I get emotional mate I came from nothing at all now its all about
Living loving straight having a ball sonicos ecking back then( 2:50)
But now we having a feast and ask my partner aj he did smarter than b. (2:57) I bust moves

Look man I stay bustin moves

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