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"Ballin' Outta Control"

Pushed in the game at a young age
Feel me touch me as I turn the page
A little past ten, roughly about
Eleven years old dropped in the good location
My scratch is smellin sour and it's stinkin
Got a n*gga seriously thinkin
"How can I kill this odor, and purchase me a Lincoln?"
Minimum wage flippin patties - nope
I'd rather f*ck around with Coca-Cola, yola
Ice cream, candy, granola, huh
Slave for men - that's what they told me
And I'll break you off somethin suitable
Brought you a key of crack quicker than ?
? recoupable
? future black and beautiful
My partners used to be plucked and ugly
Hangin around them old squeegee boys
Man them the motherf*ckers that have love for me
They straight cut for me
Deal me, touch me, L-O-V-E
I spits the sh*t from the T-O-P
It's me, the E, droppin it nuclear all the time
Motherf*cker comin from the motherf*ckin.. mud
f*ck you n*ggas, you think I sell my soul
But I'm way too cold, motherf*cker!

Chorus: LeVitti

Sittin in my livin room
Thinkin of, a master plan
Tryin to find a way out
Then I snatch the scratch, and laugh
So I painted me a picture
Of a life, to make a dream
Can you feel me now
Ballin outta control, ballin outta control

Fresh off the showroom flo', bought me a ninety-fo'
Now I'm havin long money, like Ross Perot, so take
Notes from a big ol' ? pimp, pretty much established
Livin out of hand lavish
Throwin parties ?
With big time folks makin big time cabbage
Become a savage, get swoll by ones
Twenty a drum's established
Six figure digits, just like I tell you like
I got the whole city sewed up in stitches
Your product'll win if you gots top grade
Keep, your law-yers and your bail bondsmen paid
The word on the street's is that I done came up too fast
Motherf*ckers want a piece of my soul
Playa haters wanna cut my grass
You don't wanna bring your b*tch
To what type of ? out of control sittin on tickets
Million dollar spots, technology chops
And a motherf*cker proud fool-assed ridiculous
Straight f*ckin em up like that, throw me my strap man
? feel me
Reverend would you put some blessin oil on my head
And hear me
I never sell my soul cause I'm way too cold
Motherf*cker! Ballin outta control

Interlud: LeVitti

This ol' game, kids they run
Never get a second chance
So take me to this world
Now there's always time, to getcha
I guess by now you get the picture
Of what I'm tryin to say
I'm ballin outta control

"n*ggas trippin off me cause I was a young motherf*cker ballin"
"Every other f*ckin day I'm tellin my sahies how to quit"
"n*ggas trippin off me cause I was a young motherf*cker ballin"
"We can get it on, we can get it on"
"n*ggas trippin off me cause I was a young motherf*cker ballin"
"Forty-Water, straight lettin em know"
"Even though my pocket's fat and my belly's bigger..
Gots to come Sic-Sic-Sic-Wid-It"

Throw, the ho
Y'know in a big ass gumbo pot
Full stir
Let it settle to make it lock
Horse races, trips to Vegas, frequent flier
"Whassup you timah, when your ass gonna retire?"
I ain't knowin
Keep tellin myself that I'mma call it quits
But I got myself
Too much motherf*ckin cabbage out there runnin in the streets
Lookin up out the way for the one-time
Po-Po Penelope seriously concentratin
Noided as I watch the back for all of my chemistry
Cause fools be playa hatin
Lucrative spots and blows, investments bonds and stocks
Esquired land and crops, techno chops and Glocks
Cause n*ggas be tryin to make movies
When they get all in front of these bootch ass hoochies
I be like poppin the cap like a hungry mother
I ain't even gon' lie I'm to'
Twoasted, looped, to' back, souped
Plastered, puked, on the get back fully recouped
f*ck these n*ggas they think I'll sell my soul
But I'm way too cold, motherf*cker!


[LeVi] Yeah yeah, I'm ballin outta control
[E-40] Out of motherf*ckin control
[LeV] I'm ballin outta control
[E-40] Cause I'm way too cold
[Lev] Yayayy, I'm ballin outta control
[E-40] Motherf*ckER! Ah yeah
Feel me main
[LeV] I feel you main
[E-40] Can you feel me main
[LeV] Yeah, I feel you main
[E-40] Vitti can you feel me?
[LeV] I feel yah!
[E-40] Motherf*cker can you feel me?
[LeV] Yeahahayahahah!
[E-40] Feel me main
[LeV] I feel you main
[E-40] Feel me boy?
[LeV] I'm ballin outta control, yeahahahhh
[E-40] Every f*ckin time
All day, motherf*cker

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