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Times is hard too fo' sho' n*gga, came back real hard
I know you hear me cookin the ice up playboy
And it's shinin like twenty inch dubs n*gga
Y'understand? Me and my n*gga E-Feezy bout to do this sh*t
All the time, y'know? The Bay, is definitely where the Yay (ya-yo)
Uptown - is the home of the motherf*ckin AK's
Playboy believe it

Ah step, ah steppin the club aroung twelve o'clock (clock)
Me and my folkers at the afterspot (spot)
We bought a - Remi, Hennesey, Courvosier (yay)
Belvedere Vodka, and Gran Marnier (yay)
I love this life, what can I say (say)
Doing this damn THANG 'til I'm old and GRAY
Poppin these P's and, jackin my slacks (slacks)
We some yay n*ggas (yay n*ggas) that's just how we act (how we act)
We disobey n*ggas (disobey n*ggas) doin a fool (fool)
We shake fake n*ggas (n*ggas) If you ain't cool (cool)
You can't hang wit' us (hang wit' us) all access (access)
I f*ck wit' real n*ggas (n*ggas) like Baby Bea-trice (Trice)
Mack Dime (ah) uhhh see and Sir Too Sheezy (sheezy)
Eightball (uh) Pimp C and Jayo Felony
Nate Dogg and Ant Banks to name a few (a few)
Straight Flamboast, that's what we DO

Flamboastin'- yolking, dip-n-flowin'
Through your neighborhood on Zenith spokes'n
Gettin' this money cause we never broken
Roastin' these hoes is all we knowin'
Flamboastin'- from coast to coast
Flamboastin'- that's all we know
Flamboastin'- watch out ho
Flamboastin'- fo' shiggedy

Swole pockets runnin through bout a rack a day
Please believe , a look that they never check fee (fee)
Twerkin my star jelly (jelly), E-Feezy Fonza-riz-nelli (relly)
Sic'Wid'It hog medallion, hangin all the way down to my belly (belly)
Lower development housin - Carlos Rossi by the gallon
Ebonically known for my spittery - see all type of people asking me
"How you come up with dat sh*t?" - Pimpin I bought your tape
Could you show me how to do that damn thang
(do what) no fingerprints backwards hand shake

Now look - Mercedes wagons with buck eyes
Lorenzo Kits with TV's inside
Twenty inch (*bling, bling*) that's platinum
Jumped out the hummer n*gga with the fist to mack em
This is a parking lot pimping and b*tches
I slap 'em holla at my n*gga - E-40
And we gap 'em twenty inch couldn't fit - adapt to slap 'em
Get the matching house at over east that's platinum


When I smooth up in a writers block and my pee-en is my enemy (enemy)
I hit the orange roughy to enhance my cre-a-tivity (creativity)
Hustler on the go (go)
Straight up ghetto star "Star"- Darnel from 310 (OHH)
n*ggas (???) glove compartment for my strap
Climate control, Air-Conditioner , A/C in tha back
Interior (?) with a typey on my lap
Officer Smokey and Mr. Johnny Law swear I sell crack
(Swear I sell crack) Artistal Pimp on Rap - Proffesional Highsider
With the black screens, dash and who order the sunlights?

Everything black or silver - I'm macking
Weezy We gat a Beamer thats platinum
Supposed to be a Low-Low on 18 and adapting
b*tch thats not a movie and n*gga we ain't acting
Cadillac truck got hot - I paint it platinum
And I know a b*tch in oakland named Platinum
Talk about how she could eat the di*k off the platter
I'm the #1 stunner b*tch and I'm Mack
(And I'm Mack, and I'm Mack...)


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