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"Bring the Yellow Tape"

Some serious ass sh*t jumped off a little bit over an hour ago
My ace Boon just got peelt at the corner store
It's unbelievable I'm shocked this can't be true
Im cryin vengeance for revenge look what I do
Called up my Mossie told my n*ggas to be on alert
Heard it was some player hating O.G's out there putting in work
From what I understand that sh*t ain't over no turfs and drugs
It's over some b*tches and some jealous n*ggas with a grudge
Hot at the head I'm fired up I wanna do'em in myself
Hit me up in the corner and watch me let them have it nelf
Money talks and bullsh*t walks, I'm off to San Leandro
For some Glocks and techno chops and a gang of ammo
Took a hit of the chronic dank to expand my thoughts relax nerves
When I get back to the town just think them n*ggas gonna get straight served
And a ballerish n*gga like me young in the game straight having thangs
Taking this sh*t from some ol' jealous ass OG's man?
I'm not having it, you want some funk I'll bring it to ya
Dagnamit I thought you suckas already knew ah
Yes indeed, them n*ggas act like they can't bleed
But them lies, I'm talking about the element of surprise
Bring the noise, whos fallin like the big boys?
Heavens to Merkatroid, I'm ballin like the big boys
I just got the word I heard the same n*ggas robbed my partner herb
Pulled on his di*k with a pair of appliers got him for a bird
It's gettin stanky got my curiosity arousin
See herbs a factor, he's worth $700,000
GTE mobile net cellular comminication
I got his voice mail number let me try an page him
I'm hecka cool he hecksa cool with me
He called me back said "Lets go party on them fools E."
I said "Where you at?"
He said "Where you at?" I said I'm in Vallejo
He said I tell you what lets hook up me and you at Dennys in the Vill'
I said Roger he said "Over and out don't fake out"
I said what time he said one o'clock if it's traffic go the back route
Ya see, sloppy jobs ain't my forte so no mistakes
We do it right and when it's done bring the yellow tape

Bring the yellow tape
Bring the yellow tape
Bring the yellow tape
The yellow tape

[Verse 2: E-40]
Wassup my Naga you ready to ride on these ho ass block busters
Thats me an Herb talking outside of Denny's smoking a beedie sittin in my Cutlass
It's only a handful of them suck L's I can count them on my finger
f*ck letting this sh*t die down I'm ready to hear the fat singers
I'm bout my gats but can't make cash with n*ggas breathing all down my back
Therefore I must explore by taking a few lives to even the score
My ace Boon, my sugar low, blood pressure high
Drinking and crying two four seven my stomach in and out
I know this one botch that got my n*gga that just got out of jail's baby
She'll play hop scratch she works for Pacific Bell and she just might maybe
Help me pull these n*ggas coat tails true ???
Find out where they sleep by looking up there address on the computer
Herb hollard bingo, tomorrow we ride my naga
Fake ass n*ggas done stuck there fingers in
Some permanent sh*t that they can't wipe off

Yeah, motherf*ckers fail to realize the size of this
Oh it's gonna get done, three or four more hot ones
To the fire that already got 'em
Ain't no kind of stress to me
My di*k get hard off this type sh*t boy
Tell that botch to get the 707's on them n*ggas residential spots
By tomorrow afternoon and it's on

Think I didn't? got on it right away
Finally got me a chance to use my Heckler & Knoch collection throw-aways
And when we did I guess you could say we did that
And after that n*ggas gave me my 'spec


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