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"Dey Ain't No"

Zap board beneath the ashtray, woofers in the back
Water in the duals make loud glass pack
Gold tippy toes without a lick of chrome
Bought a set of Vogues and left the, stickers on
Seven grand worth of bump for the trunks
Paid cash, all ones
Some old b*tch came up to me and said, "What's the latest, bro?"
I said, "I'm tryin to have more chips than Las Vegas, ho"
She said, "Can I roll with you? I get the di*ks hard"
I said, "You gon' work the strip, Sonoma Boulevard"
"How much would I make?" I said, "Mega
Just bring me back my scrilla scratch paper"
Heart (heart) money (money) street (street) hustle
Sex, drugs, smuggle, bubble
Horns, yellin, speakers, subbin
Sound just like the inside of a club, and...
How many times could a Conrad come so buttery?
Always on to' back, have people lovin me
Alcoholic drunk that ain't no gimmick, B
I'm always in and out the Betty Ford clinic, see
Drug paraphernalia cream butterscotch
Illegal like a garbage of hubba rocks
Workin off my pager, you know the ropes
I'm makin that cabbage cornbread like Oprah
Diamond satch-uels from ja-f*ckin-home
Pose just like a pimp smokin a honey blunt
In a Major Way I tried to told ya
n*ggas had my sh*t f*cked back in the days but now they know'a
Sold a bunch of units underground
They was bumpin Save a Hoe in every town
Rumor has it that I died, I got smoked, mayne
But I'm alive, they was talkin about somebody else, mayne

We say dem n*ggas P.H
But dey really ain't knowin, dey ain't no
Me rather stack more papes
And steady get to bubblin, yeah fa sho'

Revenues, on my mind
I can't hold back, now's the time
Bust a dope addict crack fiend in the jaw
Fool had his spook on, tried to steal my car
Da Bay, where hoes be janky, sheist
And n*ggas, do so much dirt we got lice
Prices, go up and down like a teeter-totter
Filthy sh*t, ring around the collar
Just the other day I heard a Bootsy n*gga shout
"Man that n*gga don't be doin all that damn sh*t he talk about"
Fools think they know me think they got me figured out
But n*ggA... n*ggA!?!?
I plays this sh*t for bread and meat
So n*gga if you feel froggish leap
I don't smoke dog food, sherm, loop or snow
But I leave a trail of bidis everywhere I go
So tell a friend like Alpha Beta
I'm gonna get it like T.C. the money maker
I know you're with it
Mayday mayday, unexplained object coming your way
Breaker breaker it's E-40 b*tches call me the ahh
Ballin ass, tycoon talkin big wheeler
Money hungry, penny pinchin stingy n*gga
On the sc-rilla, always on the go, get a
Super bad and we can split her


Me have no time for de bullsh*ters (4X)

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