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"40 & Hiero"

This is a 101 percent music exclusive
*scratched samples*
"E-40"—"40 playa partna"
"Ah yeah"
"Heavy on the Grind Entergamement"
"Ah yeah"
"40...40..."Ah yeah..."

Ugh, put me with the greats; don’t put me with the fakes
Me and the 'glyphics go back like vinyl and cassette tapes
No female traits just OG boss sh*t
It ain't gotta to be on the radio to be a hit
I told this broad the other day 'b*tch, what do you want?
Wanna hear some solid motherf*ckers or some chumps?'
She said 'Water, water, I swear on my daughter
You the best that ever done it—I put that on my mama!'
Hit you other the head like a quarter creche
I mean every f*ckin' thing I say
Hella rhymes done got away, but still relevant to this day
Born and raised in the Valley J
Hooking up with my folks from the O-A-K
Rockin' the mic 'til I’m old and gray
What you n*ggas gotta say? BIATCH!

Average n*ggas talk about other n*ggas' business
Great minds talk about ideas and dimensions
I feel we the difference—E-40, Hieroglyphics
You speak on the Bay, the aforementioned
Coming up before you even finished half your sentence
Ask, you b*tches, if your ass suspicious
We the masters spittin', take out half your district
Interact with wizards or in pools with rap magicians

[Pep Love]
Barnum and Bailey, the show goes on
You better get it on before the whole ozone gone
I got a jones in my bones for a spliff and riff and a semi tone
Until you see me sitting on my throne, I’ll be on my grind
Pep Lava go hard or go home
When the mic is on, and the light gets shown
It’s Hieroglyphics crew and Vallejo's own and on

[Phesto Dee]
Yeah, we love our style, 'cause we underground
But the funds pile, plus the guns go blaow
And we thug hoes out
And always slidin' up the block with some thunderous pound
We just some Town veterans
Rep it with no extra effort 'cause we never left it
But still worldwide accepted
Name a continent where I ain't respected
Hop on Fonzie sh*t, start firing my weapon (BOOM!)

E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E-40
Hiero, Hieroglyphics
Heavy on the Grind, grind, grind, grind
E, E-40

That’s right—rap gods

My crew rocks all in the boondocks
2Pac all in the boombox
Two Glocks, bankrolls in the shoebox
You with them stank hoes? You need a new bop
I’m in my Hiero hoodie, Hiero jeans on
Looking like you wouldn't swing on King Kong
Yep, gettin' my Joe Clark Lean On
Nouveau—Hiero and 4-O

Y'all frosty, parfait softy
Fresh off the charter plane or the chopper with the laundry Operation Dr. J, dock of the Bay
Your style scrawny, act salty, bag off me, rap saucy, ask 40
Laboratory all foggy
Auditory got your paparazzi shorty soggy, call Doggy
Satellite walkie talkie, you side higher than the hierarchy
I'm Mani Marley off the kamikaze

Gotta watch me, zoom like a Maserati
Do 'em like I rock the party, this is not a hobby
Off the Rossi, giant in the game
True slang on 'em and they claim it like it's you, come anew

It’s A-Plus, the A stands for alien
Different kind of cat, no category you could say he in
Hieroglyphics and E-40, A-P off the chain again
I be on one, people they say I’m mainey, mayne
I be one merry elf—Molly, she got a very soft body
Try to kick it like me, you will be carried off probably
Been wildin' at parties since I was barely off the potty
While your fairy ass partnas be tryna scare off all the hotties

There is no competition (Repeated 6X)
No comp, no comp, no competition (Scratch repeated 6X)
There is no competition
No comp, no comp, no competition

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