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"Doe Doe"

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Party people go doe doe come on come on

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko]
Now lil' mamma looking like she about to blow like a whistle
Doing what she do, when she fire as a pistol
Off a super do about two of them thizzles goin' (doe doe doe)
She got me hard as a steel toe
Make me go in my pocket and pull out my billfold
It's hot as hell up in it but my diamonds is still cold
My people going (doe doe doe)
I go by Krizz but call me Kali Baby
It ain't another n*gga in this world that can fade me
People going doe doe stay back for your own safety
Come on (doe doe doe)
They're going dumb when you go to The Bay
New dance everyday when you go to The A
Come to the K and you might wanna stay
Going (doe doe)x8

[Hook: Krizz]
After we go dumb, we go doe doe
Momma move it up and down like a yo-yo
We doin' it fast, people doin' it in slow-mo
(doe doe)x8
After we go dumb, we go doe doe
Momma bounce it up and down like a pogo
We goin' DUMB-DUMB, then we goin' doe doe
(doe doe doe)x8

(E-40 Fonzarelli)

[Verse 2: E-40]
If it ain't about money then you can miss me
With all that choo-choo you hollerin' bout talkin' greasy
See I go bad on a ho, I'm a mack-aroni
Put a ho on the stroll make her sell her monkey
When I was born I was dipped in gold and platinum
I've always being the "what", "there it is" and the "what's happenin'" (THE sh*t)
If a sucka want altercations I'll flattin' em
With my Remington rifle street instrumental gun
Let a player through come and get a part of this game
I'll show you how to get your money man, claim fame, maintain
Like Sick Wid' It, the Strange Music, never going against the grain
Gorillas untamed in the mix grinding in the rain
In the snow, in a storm, in a hurricane
Getting drunk, getting high, smoking Mary Jane
With a slack of a truck and a Must-ayne
Old school 50, blew out brains
12 stacks in a rubber band, pocket change
Live in the clouds I'm always on a plane
Everywhere I go, they all know my name (what's your handle pimp?)
It's your n*gga 4-0 up outta Valley-Jo
With the homie from KC, Krizz Kaliko


[Verse 3: Krizz Kaliko]
We're going dumb like F's on a test
Call me black Superman with the S on my chest
Drink your drink up if you have any left
Get drunk and go (doe doe)x8
Now break it down to floor like you're cleaning it up
Put some Hennessy and Sprite, twist lemon in my cup
After we take it to the head, then we throwing it up
Way too (doe doe)x8
Got the people doing the brand new dance
You gotta stand up, lift your hands up
You can do it if you ain't no dancer and drunk
j*rk your arms like you try to wear 'em out
Shake your head until you dizzy
Don't know what you worry about
Now you're going doe doe and the whole place j*rkin'
And the freaks get to flirtin' cause they're actin' like a fool
And if you do it like I told you, can't nobody hold you
Keep doing what you do, all my n*ggas say


Kali Baby, the genius Krizz Kaliko
The boss E-40 Fonzarelli
Tell the DJ to play it again
And again and again
And go (doe doe doe)

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