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"f*ck Boy"

[Intro: Lyssi & E-40]
f*ck, f*ck boys
f*ck, f*ck boys
Push the claps so hard
No one now with a f*ck boy
Feel me on this one now

[Verse 1: E-40]
Lyssi, ever, ever sit can be a wak
I’m the real until I die
I ain’t with the sucker movement
I’mma wak until I prove it
When I ever lose I get your money up
Pockets all ? doctors say they need a ?
I feel like a ?, read between ?
I do the crime, I’mma do mine
I never tell for reduce
I don’t do what they do, that do it and this is true
Play by the rules of the game or that game pulse none at you

[Hook: Lyssi]
I don’t want a f*ck boy
Can’t do none with 'em (She don't wanna f*ck with it mate, she don't want it work)
I don’t want a f*ck boy
Waste too much time with 'em (Your sh*t right)

[Verse 2: Lyssi]
Lost all tracks with my last nick (Last nick)
Main reason I'm single
Cause I don’t f*ck with the f*ck n*ggas (f*ck n*ggas)
But that’s the only thing the wind blow
You a f*ck boy keep it wet for me (Keep it wet)
You don’t need to hold you that, just do the same for me
I'm my own b*tch, I ain't your ? (Talk cool)
I’m a b*tch now, hope you can see
The f*ck boy, the type that'll change up (Change up)
Definitely need a n*gga, got my change up (Change up)
That’s why just do me (Do me)
f*ck with a, f*ck boy in two weeks

[Hook: Lyssi]
I don't want a f*ck boy (Tell 'em, girl)
Can't do none with 'em, no
I don't want a f*ck boy (Watch these fools, though)
Waste too much time with 'em (You with the real one, now)

[Verse 3: Lyssi]
A f*ck boy comment on my last picture (Last picture)
Acting like it's ?
Cause I’m the baddest outta all these b*tches (All of 'em)
But I don’t been that, done that (Done that)
I'm on some new sh*t, I don’t f*ck with n*ggas
I hit the stripclub ? (Oh-oh)
And they don’t wanna scream at no another hoes
They all up in my phone, tryna call that
I know you f*ck boy, you just wanna be (Wanna be)
Thinking you the sh*t, who you supposed to be? (Supposed to be)
And we could never be the same us
f*ck boy I ain’t got no trust

[Hook: Lyssi]
I don't want a f*ck boy (No trust)
Can't do none with 'em (Scream that sh*t down)
I don't want a f*ck boy (Ladies)
Waste too much time with 'em

[Verse 4: E-40]
A real one don’t stay in the house
A real one don’t sit on the couch
A real one don’t run their mouth
A real one [?]
A real gon' say what he gotta say what he say
A real one gon' pray every time, it’s time to pray
Now I was raised on the soil where the [?]
[?] duct tape, aluminum foil
A fake one gon’ do what he can
A real one gon’ do what he want
A real one gon’ be a man
A fake one gon’ be a chump

[Hook: Lyssi]
I don’t want a f*ck boy
Can't do none with 'em
I don't want a f*ck boy
Wase too much time with 'em

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