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"Time for Change (Black Lives Matter)"

[Intro: Tamika Mallory]
No justice, no peace
And if there ain't gon' be no justice, there ain't gon' be no peace
Young people are enraged, and there's an easy way to stop it
Arrest the cops
Charge the cops, charge all the cops
Not just some of them, charge them in every city across America where our people are being murdered
Charge them everywhere, that's the bottom line
Charge the cops, do your job
Hol' up

[Verse 1: Trae Tha Truth]
The way we runnin' out of time, it ain't no point of a clock
You might get killed for being black, no longer state of a shock
Too many lames to keep account, like when the hell it's gon' stop?
Crooked cops treat us like ops to leave us dead in a box
Nobody love us but the hopeless, so we misunderstood
They feel like black lives don't matter, we just hopin' it could
They say racism don't exist, if not, why the f**k we p*ssed?
They hate me 'cause my skin, I'm proudly ripping behind this fence
No more killing our own, that's why we gotta to stick together
I be damned if we don't fight, we've got to try this sh*t together
Dear Mr. President, you're f**king us over
Like we a terroristic threat, the ghetto covered in soldiers
Fear my only chance to live is with my hand on the trigger
Way they did the homie Floyd, I feel they hunting for n***as
They don't love me, momma, everyday we under attack
Knowing I try to turn away, I might get shot in the back, fact
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