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"GetThef*ckOn.com Skit (Part 1)"

Man this motherf*cker jumping off the goddamned chain tray what the f*ck you say the name of this club was man ?
n*gga this club went went ( club wet wet ? ) club wet wet hahah yea
You see this ho there ? n*gga this b*tch ain’t fine..
Trey trey trey n*gga you see that ho there? the red one?
You see that ho right there the red ho?
I see her whats up what what
n*gga that rey rey ho I used to beat that pus*y up
n*gga what the f*ck you just say to me baby I know you ain't gonna let him
Talk to me like that f*ck that n*gga
Ey no hold up hold up hold up
Ey f*ck come get that n*gga hey pus*y that n*gga you gon get another talk about
My b*tch n*gga im whoop yo ass ho !

Wouldn't you like to get away ? well log on right now to getthef*ckon.com for one of our many ass saving services we got the ride out limousine the tear down plane and the get the f*ck on train! you can contact one of our representatives Dip-it-D or get the hell on Jerome. They will personally escort you out any ass whooping situation; whether is pistol, knife or a old fashioned one and two ass whooping log on right now, getthef*ckon.com! saving a ass whooping near you. getthef*ckon.com is not responsible for any n*gga getting dead

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