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Sean Dagher

"Captain Ward"

[Verse 1]
Come all ye jolly mariners
That love to tack a dram
I'll tell ye all a robber
That all the seas did come

[Verse 2]
He wrote a letter to his kin
The 'leventh of July
To see if he would accept on him
His jovial company

[Verse 3]
"Oh, no, oh no," says the King
Such things that cannot be
They tell me ye a robber
A robber on the sea

[Verse 4]
Ah, he has built a bonny ship
And sent her to the sea
With four and twenty mariners
To guard his bonny ship wee

[Verse 5]
They sailed up and they sailed down
Say stately blind and free
'Til they spied the King's Irene did
A leviathan on the sea
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