"Apple Juice"

Oh my heads on the rocks
I’ve bottled up my obsession
On the tip of my tongue
Like honeycomb straight from heaven

Watch me triple somersault off the diving board
Just to feel closer to the feeling that I felt before
You’re meant to sip it like water
But I knock it back cause we’re playing with fire
I needed more

(Until I drunk my…)

Apple juice
Instead of wine we drinking apple juice
We getting high on fizzy apple juice
Yeah wе go wild when we on apple juicе
Squeeze that apple and get...

Wake me up when I’m wasted
Cause I need some more time to taste it
What’s that sound in the distance
Cause I can feel it flowing through my system

You want, I got it
Look what we started
That tastes so exotic
I got a sweet tooth pour it on me
Don’t stop, be quick
Just go take a little sip
I’ve got to admit
I wasn’t feeling ready
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