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Procol Harum

"The Worm & the Tree (Part One: Introduction/Menace/Occupation)"

Into a great tree, a small worm did go
It wormed its way inwards, and soon it did grow
The tree was unhappy, but what could it do?
It stood there in silence: the worm grew and grew
The tree was unhappy, but what could it say
The worm kept on growing, the tree shrank away

The worm was so greedy, it ate more each day
And each day it ate more, the tree shrank away
The worm was so loathsome, it felt no disgrace
The birds had been silenced, the sun shunned that place
And all of the forest grew fearful to see
What terrible fate lay in store for the tree

The worm grew so monstrous, its greed knew no bounds
The smell was so awful, it poisoned the ground
And all of the creatures that lived in the wood
Were sickened and starving: the worm spoiled their food
The birds could not sing, and the sun would not shine
The forest lay dirty and blackened with grime

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