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JT Machinima

"Luigi’s mansion 3 RAP"

Once again, these toadstool fools have made a grave mistake
I'm just dying to see you all get out of this one! Hahahahaha!

Not so fast, you ghastly ghoul!
A challenger approaches, you'll have to duel!
So if your house is haunted? Do not have any fear!
Stand up, put your hands together, cuz your hero is here

When the boos are abound
Too many frights to be found
There's only one guy you're gonna call (It's-a-me)
He's brave and he's brash
He's got a manly moustache
He's the underdog in overalls (Wahoo)
So when those spooky spirits need some spankin'
He'll be the man you can be thoroughly thankin' (You're welcome)
He's scared of nothin', cuz he's coursing with courage (Ha-Ha)
If duty's callin', he's already heard it

This mansion may scare your pants off
So hike up your trousers
Look on the bright side
You won't be findin' no Bowsers
Gloves off, now this ain't no game
He'll save the day, and you know his name

Super Mario (Wait ... Wait What?)
He's Super Mario

Steadfast and strong he never needs any help
He's beefy and bold, does everything by himself (Come' on!)
Plus, he's a solo plumber so you know that he's handy
At the least, Princess Peach is his only family

He's so sexy no one else can compare
Under his hat he has Italian stallion level of hair
He's gonna run a gauntlet of ghosts
And by now you know who King Boo is fearing the most!

It's Super Mario! (I'm Luigi!)
Super Mario!

He does have one companion he considers a brother (Okay, okay!)
And he is more resourceful than any other

His name is Toad!
Toad, Toad, Toad, Toad, Toad!
(Mama-mia, I give up! ...)

This song is all 'bout Mario and his team
His life is hard, cuz he has no immediate family
He wears red all the time because red is so mean
He'd never get caught dead wearing the color green
Because green is the color of jealousy

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