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"Self Made"

[Verse 1]
Always did it for myself not nobody else
I let the music talk, I don't need to show and tell
You making money so you spend it on a Gucci belt
I’m making money so I'm building up my future self
I pay tuition cause I'm living with a double vision
I go to school and make the music everybody listen
I don’t need no clout
Not what I been thinkin' bout
I keep it G cause I never took the easy route
The way we livin got you thinkin 'bout the wrong things
Gettin' likes on your page don't result in
Real fans that remain for more than one season
You doin all the right things for the wrong reason
Keep ya head up if you tryna make it to the top
Cause lookin' down never shows you what the future got
I finally made it out the mud now I'm settled in
And I kept banging on the door till they let me in

[Verse 2]
I put myself on the line and I been gettin mine
Always knew that I was great and it's a state a mind
Cause at the moment it’s just me myself and I
And if you got ya hand out you lookin’ stupid like ya card declined
And everybody wanna talk about me
You think it's funny but you really lookin’ insecure to me
And that's assuring me that you don't really like the way you live
So take your own advice cause you got a lot to give
Lemme tell it straight
I don't have the time for a featherweight
I been in the major leagues finally time to separate
From everybody thinkin’ that we on the same level
I'm runnin ESPN all the haters change the channel
No escape, cause I'm on
And it's only gonna grow
People got a lot to say cause they always on they phone
This is real man
I don't get my happiness from Instagram
And ask ya girl, cause I heard that she my biggest fan

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