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Charles Hamilton

"Aqua and the drama of Parliament"

p*ssed off right now, yo. pardon my attitude, man

Ayo, how many times I gotta bleed for a track? There seems to be no reason to rap. I feel like an African putting mad weaves in her naps. The reason is back, there's no other reason to rap. Once again all y'all cats believe I'm wack. Cats having other cats scratching in comparison to having an accident as who's rapping. Yo, what's blowing mine is someone keeps having an orgasm and it's blacking on my black end. Forget it, I'm tired of this rap sh*t. I'm bout to put on a fitted and pull it off and off comes my living. f*ck everybody, cause I ain't even gifted according to these n*ggas. DOOM style, accordion, n*ggas. Bout to cut off funding, cut off your drumming, cut off Phil Drummond. Take those n*gga kids, throw 'em over the biggest bridge and cook the peppers with onions. Forget living now, I'm getting down. Go ahead, figure it out

"Dead ass" means serious. Black people, you have a Funkadelic. Now it's back to having a cat who wants to tell another cat to fall back before they become the dumbest relic. From the cap, too! Tattoo, right back at you. Check to Chunk, I'm always messing up. Y'all n*ggas said y'all was there, well guess what? I'm doing it now and nobody's in the booth. I'm bout to get bodied in the booth. Someone grab a shotty cause obviously not when I tell you why I got in the booth. f*ck it, my eyes get Asian, I see a whole situation. Psychically raising hell cause my eyes see a situation around it which basically means y'all are Nathan. And when it comes to beats I'm Jason

I wanted some ass, so I played a game. I'm running this class and I'm spraying 8. I'm done with your ass, b*tch, take it away. Be Madlib or on some magic sh*t and I'll still take away from flames you would say. And f*ck the puppy, I'll chain it's mane. Now sit on a pole. Grip-on-a-pole n*ggas don't know this is my role. Fixing the 'fro, clip in the holster. b*tch it is over, n*ggas don't know, sir. [clears throat] And those coughs bring a n*gga much closer to an end, with a cross, Pentecost. This your end, getting lost. Dissing in Michigan, n*ggas lost. Get a clip, get a boss. Get my di*k in your jaws, b*tch, or get me lost. Or rhyme with her and get some applause

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