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Charles Hamilton

"Charles Hamilton Is Suicidal"

Lately I've been trying to get straight to the point
Ya know what I'm sayin', no ad libs
But...it's whatever

[Verse 1]
Went to the bar after I got the news that I'm not the blue
So I had a lot of Blue Lagoon
Just sippin', listenin' to songs, tryin' to do it different
Look, I wasn't pimpin' the position of Sonic which is to bring sound
But my entire cloud hit the ground
And it rang out loud
I ain't got no rings now
You could all say it was Briana's fault
My thank god she's not my baby momma's fault
I laugh about it all
All my fans are true kids and
Grown ups don't know who dude is
I do this sh*t, I love my music
And people get offended when I love to do the sh*t
Because I might diss 'em, I might snap
Just as long as they write back, my night cap

Mr. Jukebox play a song to get mad to
Mr. Jukebox play a song to get sad to
On my arm I carve no room for tattoos
So Mr. Jukebox play a song to get bad to

[Verse 2]
Just think about how depressed a young kid would be
If he found out he was a character in history
And then found out all that sh*t was weak
It was a lie, totally whack
I felt like growin' my 'fro back and undoin' crap
But 2008 was the year I ruined rap
Now I went from the blue to black
Burnin' in hell, so who will be back?
I'm a spawn of Satan now
And it hurts because that means all to Satan now
Watch me break it down
God, I say it loud, "Help me, and let me try and shake this out of me"
And then I realized Dilla has a song called "Shake It Down"
I been beat, concrete
Nothing more for me to say, honestly
I just hope I can have another glass, for free


[Verse 3]
At this point, nothin' can make me happy
So therefore once I go to the jukebox, yo get at me
Pat Boone was the first display
The worst I'd say and it was the perfect day
But he was singing about America
That's red, white, and blue
The exact same color of the character I'm starin' at
And I'm p*ssed because I ain't got no character
I'm there in fact
And I came there and back
Went there, then it's fair
It's insincere to say I don't care, in fact
Because, once again, who am I starin' at?
Is it Nicki Minaj?
I don't care if it's fat
But *sigh* f*ck
What I once was has me stuck
And I'm totally p*ssed
As I sip on this cup
It's more of that Blue Lagoon stuff


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