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Yours Truly


I am ready
I am ready, come on over and get me
What did you do when i wanted you badly
Liquid mercury hw won't you affect me (X2)

Been here a lot, the mind is a monster
Look how it holds you back
So i hope you reply me, i know its risky
We did this way way back
So i hope you're comfortable with getting to know each other again
I mean what's the harm in happy, no need for apprehension just begin
Call the uber back I've lost my brain
I left it somewhere with my heart, a man with a name
He moves with the wind though he means to stay
Maybe time will make them ready

I am ready , come on over and get me
What would did you do when i wanted you badly
What would you do if i wanted you badly
Are you ready ?

I'm a woman x6

I wanna be touched and wined and dined in lavender 
I wanna feel colours Stars are my design That's my departure 
I'm a woman
I'm a woman not your fan I'm a woman so i choose to understand
You need a woman
To put some butter on your hands
To make you understand forgiveness is the premise and a feeling
A woman who can take a stand
A woman who can make you feel that you're a man
You need a woman to give the clear so you can land
With the bags, a woman with the bags
I'm a woman x4

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