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Lil' Kim

"Throw Your Hands Up (Interlude)"

(lil kim)

Yo this the queen b
And i came to say a little sumthing
On my girl missy sh*t
Now see i got sumthing to say
Thats right i got a problem
I got a problem wit all yall muthaf*ckers out there
That got a problem wit us calling ourselves a b*tch
Yeah thats right i said it muthaf*cker b*tch wat
Ya see b*tch is a strong word
And only strong b*tches can use that muthaf*cken terminology
I mean if u can't wear the name
Then dont try to use it


Throw ur hands up if u like to get high
Make a phat beet so we can party all night
If u got beef u gotta take it outside
Throw ur wrists up and lemme see ur ice shine
(repeat 1 more time)

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