Peter CottonTale

"Warm Enough"

[Chorus: Noname]
Who are you to tell me
I'm not warm enough for summertime?
I know that I get beside myself
But you don't know me like the sun
You've never seen my horizon

[Verse 1: Noname]
If I was everything I never was
Drugs got me bubbly suddenly mumbling
Simile meant to be for you now
The futile go fishing for moon over roof top

A new style for praying to everything I ever loved
My black boy outer space looking like a rain child
But my body move like the sun
Go run til 'em rainbow we painted it 50 shades of grey

Stones across the lake, the house in the house
Deceptive carnations, our wedding we announced
On Sunday for the holy of it

Solely covet me and you, for you and I
Are blissfully tethered to simple redeeming
When sadness gets worse and we don't know why

Our city is bleeding for crimson
I don't protest,
I just dance in my shadows
Hallow be thy empty
When my name don't sing, shallow waters
Under bridges don't forget 'bout me

Who are you to love me and not call me by my name?
I'm sunny, I'm sunny, just like you... Noname
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