Peter CottonTale


[Hook: Chance The Rapper]
Cardboard cutout, sharp teeth, smart mouth
Smile big, small waist, big hips, cut paste
Forgive me, but you look familiar

Prom queen, mean chick, teen mom, bad b*t*h
Real bad advice, can't fool me twice
Forgive me but you look familiar
You a regular

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
She the latest model but these hoes retros
One in a million, but these b*t*hes special?
It's two shoes in a pair, two peas in a pod
Three Ps in appropriate, groupies in a mob
Usually, I like them to look just like you

But you just so usual, you just look used
I just need something out of the norm
Foreign just don't seem foreign no more

Just give me the porn, it's like four in the morn'
Trying to raise the bar with porn in the torrent
Got a lot of wifeys, more than a Mormon
See you in cities I ain’t even in performin'
But we met in a life where we were both cats
Our owners were neighbors, how funny is that
What's funnier is yours had eight different cats
Same shade of black and I'm blind as a bat

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