Peter CottonTale

"All That Shines"

All that shines, is not gold
All that shines, is not gold
(Came up quick)

[Verse 1]
Yeah that's how it happened
Started off slim
Gained a lil weight rapping
Now I'm with the big boys

I'm with Hov out in New York City get M.I.A
Wilin' out with Diddy bumpin' D'angelo
Put your camera phones on
I need a billion lights
Twenty one, doubling through life
Like I lived it twice
Give your own advice
n***a that's good advice
And the street lights will take you there
Take flight like Mike
When I stop at the light
Not even flashing lights behind me
Can stop me on sight

I see the vision
Of people divided and put in prison
For the government cheese
We get love overseas
Still bring that sh*t home like we smuggling keys
Dirty money, boy that's how I learned to stay awake
n***as claim their bread heavy but they paperweight
We know ya'll ain't 'bout what you say
(Don't speak)
No doubt, everyday
I done struggled with doubts
Still spit this sh*t out
Snakes in the grass
Real n***as in house
Cause on the low the game so phony
Last night I had a real life dream
You wanna know what it feel like?
Like you'd done got away with everything
Then they get you for your tail lights
sh*t it's real life
It's always something
Sounds like the beats in the hallways bumping
My n***a I'm grinding
You remember how that made you feel?
We in here and here to stay for real
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