Peter CottonTale


Abra kadabra
Yo, this one is just to let you know
Believe in magic


[Verse 1]
This year I had a lot of fun
Between duckin' and dodgin' hoes
Doin' shows and hittin' the road like I was on the run
I ran into some sh*t to be proud of, look mom I found out
What Malcolm and Martin missed it was miss and makin' an album
Alright alright alright, order in the courtroom
Yo of course I'm still gon' save it
I used to take sh*t from Nordstrom
Strange twist, the speaker that never listened in class
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Told the teachers to kiss my ass

It's for the bad kids and the math kids
And the shorties flippin' on a mattress

Growin' up not knowin' how to imagine
Never let anyone tell you anything you can't be
My biggest win always been when I knew they didn't believe
Where would I be if not standin' on the stage
Spillin' my heart out on this page
Pay-per-viewing movies and rubbing toilet seats to get paid
Do you believe in magic? I know I do
Only thing better than dreamin' is seein' it all come true
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