Peter CottonTale

"Fear & Doubt"

[Hook: Kenna]
I live in a daze, fightin' through the phase
Goin' out in a blaze and I blaze and I blaze
Lighting in the flames, burnin' in the raids
Goin' out in a blaze and I blaze and I blaze

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Starin' at a narrow-point reflection of myself
Questionin' what is my life to become?
I wonder if I'll ever be the man, my momma wish I was
Or will I end up victim to the hand of a gun?
Given the current circ*mstances I stand alone
No one to hold me but me, I mean it's hard not to be stressed
Stretchin' myself to the bone, can't feel my chest
I been heavin' cause all this smoke
I been breathin' in just to not be depressed

All the pressures from record labels around me
And the band, still tryna sign me

Finally in a position to put all that sh*t behind me
How many mothers have a son they never know?
Nobody questions what they do
Nobody wonders where they go
I'm goin' around in circles chasin' myself in contradiction
With a pistol to the back of my head
Prolly pull the trigger the moment after I make it big
Pretty white seats in the Lambo all plastered in red
My n***a, me? Naturally I forever be fly
It's in my blood, it has to be, how could I ever be not?
Ain't a question when and where cause I'mma forever get mine
Stand in my way, that be the day they get a deputy shot
Goin' back? f**k that, that used to be me
I used to be weak, we used to be thieves
Steal my shoes for a second, think about it
What if you could be me? What would you do?
f**k would you do?
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