Peter CottonTale


[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
I wanted to see where you would go
So I left a light, all alone in the dark
I could see your reflection
I could see your reflection and I'm coming to get you
I wanted to be all that you know
So you couldn't see with a [?]
I guess you are who you are
At least I always know you got that far
Where you gonna go? When they're coming to get you
Where did you run? Another malcontent
I can't last a lot, I lost out again
I gain nothing at all, but knowing how to contend
Saying nothing was wrong, they're saying down the gin
Dream everyone lives inside a perfect world except me
Tell me how could that be?
I'm a slave to the rhythm of the beat, put the barrel to my body and they tell me move your feet
And he said

[Hook: Thundercat]
Run, run, run
Or face this gun, gun, gun
Run, run, run
Or face this gun, gun, gun

[Post-Hook: Vic Mensa]
Nobody move
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt

You want a war, you're bound to get murked
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