Peter CottonTale


This n***a made the beat
And he tryna f**kin' rap, too!
n***a I'm the rapper, you the producer
Diego, get the f**k back!

[Verse 1: Sterling Hayes]
I hate stupid n***as
I hate stupid b*t*hes
In the booth, I go stupid
In your b*t*h mouth like a toothpick
Tell your b*t*h, b*t*h you pick
Probably wanna leave a real n***a
My life a movie, Steven Speil', n***a
Raised up around real n***as
They tote Tommies, no Hilfiger
Always talkin' to a gang n***a
Solo dolo, you a b*t*h n***a
My young n***as jump rich n***as
Eat the pu**y, tongue twist, n***a
I'm not holdin' out p*ss, n***a
Got a diff' n***a
Same n***as from the rip, n***a
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