Peter CottonTale

"Juke Jam"

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
We used to roll at the Rink, we used to roll at the Rink
I used to talk way too much, you used to know everything
You couldn't stand me, I couldn't stand you
You said I'm steady playin', but you steady playin' too

Your big brother foot work, your play sister Juke
The Rink was the place, but in that space and time I was too young for you
As you were for me, too worried 'bout Frooties and Chews
'Til I found out all the shorties with cooties was cute
And realized what booties could do

[Chorus: Towkio]
We gon' get it poppin', we gon' get it jukin'
We gon' throw a party, and we ain't gotta do sh*t
You came with your best friend, came up for the weekend
Rollin' with your party, so tell me what you thinkin'
Said we gon' have a juke jam, we gon' have a juke jam
We can have a party, just listening to music
Like we used to do, I'll get close to you
I remember you, you used to, I remember you, 'cause

[Refrain: Justin Bieber]
We've got so much history, baby (Juke), maybe (Juke)
Maybe you and I were meant to be, maybe (Juke), I'm crazy (Juke)

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
We never rolled at the Rink, we would just go to the Rink
You ain't buy tokens no more, you just hip roll at the Rink
You had a n***a, I couldn't stand him
But when they play "Take You Down," Chris Brown, I am his stand-in
I mean it's just dancing, it's harmless as f**k
Then I put my waist to your hips and your legs in my arms just to harness you up
Then we hit the floor, all the kiddies stop skating
To see grown folks do what grown folks do when they grown and they dating

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