Peter CottonTale

"All Wavy Everything"

[Verse 1]
Water's for jaws
Boobs are for bras
Air is for gods
And all between is for kings
Sex is for proms
Auggie made gaws
Crocs are for slobs
I guess the couch is for me
Remote clicking king
Styrofoam MMG
Cup I got from
Tons of pics all on my IG
Rap's a Breeze
Except when they blog your song while naming you wrong
Homie that's a tease

Oh woe is me
More than two's an orgy
Soundselect they gave me wings
Same time grounded me

Oh woe is me
Less than two's an armory
Same girl I her gave wing now I call her Valkyrie

Catch 'em on the side line they a bunch of lames
If you wipeout hop back on again
Jump back in this water don't you be afraid
All wavy everything
All wavy everything
All wavy everything
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