Peter CottonTale

"Do Not Disturb"

I put on my "Do Not Disturb"
Every single time I get to groove out with her
I don't need nobody else to say not a word
It's just me and you, me and you

[Verse 1]
I've been waiting for this moment
I've been trynna get away from like everything
Just to be here with you right now
Got you blooming in my heart, you're my every spring
Got you feeling every way now
Say I never take the time just to be with you
I've been trippin' let me fix it baby
If there's a better way to love you girl I'm with it
And now I'm cancelling my plans, taking off
Don't know where I've been
I'm more than your friend now baby

I can't put your love on hold
I've been letting things get in the way and lost control
But baby imma find it because
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