Peter CottonTale


[Verse 1: Towkio]
You and your friends watch videos, try and dance like Beyoncé
You was raised a church girl, now you always find yourself out on Sunday
And do on Monday the same thing you did Tuesday and Wednesday feel the same
Now you feel uncool like your auntie husband and you don't wanna feel that lame
But you don't know that much, but it's okay go pour that up
If you got your drink then hold that up
'Cause you ain't pay for it 'cause you got a big ol' ass
So somebody bought it, you ain't gotta pay that back
I'm like, each night and it don't get old
But just know everything that glisten ain't gold so
Don't believe everything you've been told
Just know that your future ain't sittin' in stone like
Rolling Stone, I rock like granite
Hit the stage, rock the mic like Janet
If I say things they might just happen
Turn stock to seeds, I might just plant it up
With no ring, just a Saturn, whip
You used to get your son from baby daddy (uh)
I ain't judgin' beauty pageants but
Time ain't never movin' backwards, so okay get this infamy
I just feel all the vibe that you sent for me
If God sent me an inquiry about angels and instantly
You fell outta the sky with a pair of some angel wings
Would you believe in the thing called destiny?
So would you live for me? Or die for me? Or sin for me?
Or play along baby girl like a symphony? I'm like
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