Peter CottonTale

"Forever Always"

[Verse 1: Peter Cottontale]
You're my favorite song
Your melody's so strong

When I think of you
You're a dream come true
What I'm trying to say
Is that I'll always
I'll always love you

[Verse 2: Peter Cottontale & (Rex Orange County)]
You're my sing-a-long
You're the only song on my iPod
You're the only CD I keep in the whip (the whip)
You're my number one song on every playlist (playlist)

[Chorus: Peter Cottontale & Chance the Rapper]
What I'm trying to say
That I'll (that I'll)
Always (always)
Always love you
Breaking love is not like breaking up
It takes some making love
It takes some waking up early and making bacon
It takes scripture chasing seeing Nathan
When you've both been saving up

Patience, perseverance
Waiting, dating
Taking blatant disrespect from groupies
Goofies hating
Hear my love jack
Hand on my heart jack
Hand me my shot
My sh*t is so conditional yeah y'all
Fall out every time the caller drop
Y'all might need a better otterbox

Breaking love is not like breaking up
Cause ain't no breaking love
It ain't no faking love
It's give and take in love
Man it won't break us, made of faith and Savior's blood
Babe we ain't breaking up
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