Peter CottonTale

"Home Studio (Back Up In This b*tch)"

[Produced by The Social Experiment]

Uh uh uh uh uh uh
Nana naaaaa
Wooooh, ah!

[Verse 1]
Young black boy, how he got the labels scared?
A&R's like, "Chano, you ain't playin' fair!
You gon' set a bad example for the average bear
You a Yogi, you should idle while in child's position"

I be like, naw, these my sons, this prenatal care
I'mma show em how to make it here and make it fair

Take it there, they could kill me and I ain't gon' care
You is just an ankle weight, lighter than some angel cake
Sweeter than some maple syrup, easier than Ableton
Make a plate and make a player
Make em play it

Just don't count your sheep before they hatch
You chickens 'fore your eggs
Eat your dinner 'fore you say your prayer

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