Peter CottonTale


[Pre-Chorus: Vic Mensa]
My city's dying
There's a flatline on the EKG on the Westside highway
I'll take the backstreets, you could get shotty
I'll take my time and go as fast as your heartbeat
You'll take the backseat, I'll catch your body
You could get shotty, girl, you could get shotty, yeah
You, you, you, you

Shotty, you can get shotty
Shotty, you can get shotty
Shotty, you can get shotty

[Verse: Vic Mensa]
You can ride shotgun inside my mama's Toyota Corolla
It got a busted taillight, hope that we don't get pulled over
You be my Sade, I'll be your soldier of love when we roll up
This is like the sweetest taboo
'Cause I'm an obituary column, I'm bad news
But you like the way my fingers trace your tattoos
And you say you damaged goods form your last dude
But I make you open up to me like open sesame
You told me that you lost your mom at just 12
I told you I be missin' you like I was 112
I just got off of tour, I'm callin' you, it's 1:12
I said bring the gel, can you kiss a n***a hair?
Lay you down on my bed, watchin' Purple Rain
Get excited, had to rewind it, we missed a scene
Don't let me get too T'd, I might take you all by my enemies
All, it all comes out off the Hennessy
I said, "You make me anxious," she said, "Don't be anxious"
I said, "I don't like relationships, what about a friendship?"
The consensus, my body count like census
I had way too many girls to ever be innocent
But I'm into it when we get intimate
But it's Mortal Kombat, tryna get you to finish it
So I climb that to make you climax, on some Dilla sh*t
But you so hard to read, make me feel so illiterate
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