Peter CottonTale

"Sun Come Down"

I let the sun come down
Without telling you exactly what I mean
And you might never know
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I let the sun come down
I let the sun come down
I let the sun come down without letting you know exactly what I mean
Exactly what you mean to me
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Please don't let my death be about my death
Please don't make no movies about my death
Please make my death about my life
If you make a movie 'bout my life, make it right
Please don't make no holograms, don't wanna do it twice
You wanna use my likeness, please approve it through my wife
And if you get the license then you better use it right
Don't misconstrue my offerings to offer new advice
If I said it, I meant it
If I'm dead, it's cemented
And cinder block cemeteries already ascended
I'll leave you my last name I left on the last plane
Too much baggage but you can carry on Bennett
I just wanna make sure that my words touch you
Pinky swear and kiss it
Promise no one'll hush you
Jump and hit the blocks, I promise you'll see the mushroom
Clouds and the dust soon
Leavin' more thoughts than there are bristles on a brush broom
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