Peter CottonTale

"We Go High"

(We love You, we love, we love You, God)
(We lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love You, God)
(We love You, love You, love You, God)
(We lo-lo-love You, we love You, God)
(We love You, God, we love You, God, we love You, God)

[Verse 1]
My baby mama went celibate
Lies on my breath, she say she couldn't take the smell of it

Tired of the rumors, every room had an elephant
Tryna find her shoes, rummagin’ through the skeletons

She took away sex, took me out of my element
I tried to do the single-dad mingle-dance
At the club with the iron in my wrinkled pants
You could fall much faster than you think you can
Big hands for my ring, I'ma need a Pringles can
I just want the shine back like a Eagles fan
My ego like, "Ah damn, there he go
Prayin' again, again, the same ol’ thang"

I mean, I ain't gon' promise that the pain go away
And you can take your sweet time, but she ain't gon' wait
'Cause a new coat of paint don't make the stain go away

But he go high (We love You, God)
And we go high
They go low, we go…
Higher, higher

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