Peter CottonTale

"Zanies and Fools"

[Intro: Darius Scott]
Well we must be some zanies and fools
To  take a gamble on this love just like we do
What  a wonderfully crazy thing to do
Love like magnets, we were powerless to choose
I'm so powerful every time I look at you
No  memory of anything I couldn't do
It's  possible, so possible

[Interlude: Chance the Rapper]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah,  yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Chance the Rapper]
Once upon a time I was unsure of myself
I would always claim I never had no help
Looking to the mirror, the most unfair of all
Hit  the Player's Ball, it was unbearable
Another big birthday, another milestone
To make your birthstone feel like rhinestone
The caterpillars that had burrowed inside my belly
Started to flutter before I learned how to fly
I had a bunch of midlife crises 'fore I turned twenty-five
The teachers put me in the back row, I was learning to hide
'Cause when the teachers call you special, that's the perfect disguise

I had to bury all the dancing that would burgeon inside
I got quiet, thought that silence was the perfect reply
I turn to Casper any time a n***a turn on the slide
Until I turned up at the talent show, a permanent high
I had Jesus behind the wheel before I learned how to drive
'Cause it's poss'...

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