Peter CottonTale


[Intro: Chance the Rapper]
Baby, I look good, I look handsome

[Chorus: Chance the Rapper]
Baby,  I look good, I look handsome
Somebody  gon' take me for ransom
Everybody 'round me was dancin'
Ain't nobody 'round me could have none
Baby,  you look good, you look pretty
I  know why you stopped f**kin' with me
It's a lot of bomb in the city
But  you know nobody could get (You)

[Verse 1: Chance the Rapper & DJ Casper]
It's a hottie, it's a body, we ain't missin' no meals
I ride shotty, she like five somethin' but six in them heels
I'm a Ducati, you gonna do ninety down 290, huh?
Know  where you goin', know where to find me, know where to find me, huh?
Big fine, rotisserie (Muah, yeah)
My big tongue make it slippery (Huh)
I give you a sec' I'll let you shake it out (Huh)
Now, let's run it back, this time don't make a sound (Shh, oh yeah)
Make it wop, uh
Climb up to the top and do a split and make it drop
You look good naked, look good pregnant, anything you make it pop
You out here bakin', hot like Megan on my bacon when it pop (Hey, pop, hey)
Baby, you look good, you look gorgeous
This right here your city, I'm a tourist
I know I'm a catch, I'm a swordfish
Got me on your hook, on your chorus
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