Peter CottonTale

"100,000 Dinner Date"

[Chorus: KAMI]
She got a reservation don't be late
It's like your 100,000 dinner date
Trippin' on me always on my case
Why you gotta hyperventilate
I just saved shorty out the game
You know I'll hear ?
Know I couldn't let her go to waste
So yes I'll be there pick a time and place

[Verse 1: KAMI]
I'm on my Kiki sh*t
She look like RiRi, sh*t
She not the easy ish
But I came too equipped
It's some cheese all in my pocket this some story dish
Young n***a poppin' really for his ?
Mhm, you know she scrumptious
I like the shrimp served with steak with the onion
You know I love you like it's all just all above you
Keep you on your toes like a bunion
You know how I'm coming
Every night good sex that's the recipe
Matter of fact send out her child like Destiny
I get high he keep a rock on him like ?
Invoice is 10k that's just for a fee
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